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Seattle-based PicoBrew goes professional with Z series beer-brewing machine

PicoBrew is making a move into craft breweries and restaurants, but the startup says it will still be available to brew beer on your kitchen counter. The newest line of automated beer brewing machines from the Seattle company, the Z series, is made for those who want the option of making bigger batches of brews —… Read more

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Brewing beer on Mars? Students find Martian soil is suitable for growing hops

You can’t breathe the Martian air but at least you can grow some hops – the indispensable ingredient that gives beer its uncanny sharp and sour taste. That’s according to the results of a science experiment performed by students at Villanova University. Suddenly, life on a barren rock millions of miles away from home doesn’t seem… Read more

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11 Holiday Gifts For Beer Lovers

Giving someone the perfect gift can be a grueling task, but finding the ultimate present for the beer lover in your life doesn’t have to be. From beer making kits to beer candles, we came up with a list of presents that would satisfy even the pickiest beer connoisseur. If you’re having doubts, or simply need… Read more

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Happy New Year/ 2017 is half way gone!

Welcome to 2017 and what are you going to resolve this year?

Did you complete any new years resolutions last year?

I did and I am very grateful for it.

May there be peace in your thoughts

May there be love in your hearts

May the whole year be a happy and prosperous one for ALL…

Have you achieved your resolutions you made at the beginning of this year?

If not the why?

Half way through the year take stock look at where you are and where you want to be.

Make it happen for yourself.


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What is Cooling in Home Beer Brewing?


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Beer clarity is essential for many beer styles, and can make or break a beer in a competition. There are many ways to help clarify your beer, and some are easier than others.

A semi-advanced home brewing technique used to improve clarity is a process called “cold crashing.” Just hearing the term may bring to your imagination a much different process than what is actually involved in cold crashing.

If done correctly, cold crashing will give your beer a clean, crisp appearance.

1. What is Cold Crashing?

Cold crashing is a process used to clarify home brewed beer by cooling it to near-freezing temperatures before bottling. Cooling the beer actually encourages yeast and other sediment suspended in the beer to flocculate (group together) and sink to the bottom.

This allows you to transfer the beer out of the fermentor for bottling while leaving behind much of the sediment that would cause a haze in the finished beer.

2. How is Cold Crashing Done?

To cold crash a beer you simply need to place it in a temperature-controlled environment. A lagering fridge that is outfitted with a temperature controller (this controller is most often recommended) is ideal. Regular refrigerators actually fluctuate in temperature which causes problems with the beer, while a fridge with a controller is held at a constant temperature.

The cold crashing temperature that is recommended varies from 33 degrees F to 40 degrees F, with 38 degrees F being the most common.

The recommended duration of cold crashing also varies. Some brewers say that only a day or two is needed, but it is most common to cold crash for one week.

3. Can Both Lagers and Ales Be Cold Crashed?

Although cold fermentation is only done for lagers, cold crashing can be done on both ales and lagers.



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MillerCoors strikes yet another deal, adds Texas-based Revolver Brewing

Oxygenation Kit with Stainless Wand

CHICAGO — MillerCoors is adding another craft brewery to its arsenal, the Texas-based Revolver Brewing, marking the third such deal announced in less than a month. The flurry of moves helps bolster Chicago-based MillerCoors’ craft beer presence in both established and underdeveloped regional markets. Revolver, known for its flagship Blood & Honey wheat ale, joins Terrapin… Read more

Fitch affirms Lion Brewery’s ‘AA-(lka)’ rating; says well-placed to recover from floods

HomeBrewStuff 10″ Beer Filtration Kit with Ball Lock Fittings

Fitch Ratings has affirmed Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC’s (Lion) National Long-Term Rating of ‘AA-(lka)’ with a Stable Outlook and said the firm is well-placed to recover from the recent floods and expects its financial profile to remain consistent with its rating. Fitch has also affirmed the National Long-Term Rating of ‘AA-(lka)’ on Lion’s outstanding senior unsecured… Read more

NoCoast® Beer Co. Unveils Initial Product Lineup

Mr. Beer Oktoberfest Lager Homebrewing Craft Beer Refill Kit

New craft brewery in Midwest releases colorful, attention-grabbing can designs OSKALOOSA, Iowa, Aug. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — NoCoast Beer Co. announced its initial product lineup last week unveiling eight (8) offbeat, attention-grabbing can designs offering a kaleidoscope of visuals. NoCoast doesn’t brew typical beer, and that beer doesn’t come in typical cans. While the NoCoast brand… Read more

Americans enjoy drinking beer most among alcoholic beverages: poll

Brew Naturally IPA One Gallon Homebrew Starter Kit

Beer continues to edge out wine and liquor as the preferred alcoholic drink for adult Americans, according to the latest Gallup poll. Forty-three percent of U.S. adult drinkers say they drink beer most often, the highest percentage recorded since 2002, when 44 percent said the same. Meanwhile, 32 percent of adult Americans say they prefer wine… Read more

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