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Beer Is Officially Good For You Because It ‘reduces Heart Risk’

Cheers to that! Beer is officially good for you because it reduces heart risk and improves brain health, reveal scientists

  • Although calorific, beer contains protein, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • In fact, it contains more of these than wine, which is often considered healthier
  • A pint also contains chemicals which can reduce the risk of heart disease
  • But drinking should still be limited to a pint a day for men or a half for women


It’s one of the world’s favourite alcoholic beverages.

And, fortunately for millions of pub-goers, it seems that beer may have a number of unexpected health benefits, too.

In addition to quenching your thirst, a well-earned pint also contains nutritional ingredients which help to reduce heart risk and boost brain health.

Raise your glasses: Beer boasts more protein and B vitamins than wine, is high in antioxidants and can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease

That’s according to scientists who’ve published research in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences.

They claim beer boasts more protein and B vitamins than wine, is high in antioxidants and can reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

‘The antioxidant content of beer is equivalent to that of wine, but the specific antioxidants are different because the barley and hops used in the production of beer contain flavonoids different from those in the grapes used in the production of wine,’ the study says.

‘Physicians should be aware of the growing evidence supporting the nutritional and health benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle.’

Nutritionist Sisi Yip told the South China Morning Post: ‘Beer contains trace amounts of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium, fluoride, and silicon.

‘Beer also includes a range of polyphenols such as flavonoids and phenolic acids that contribute directly to flavour, haze, body and fullness.’

These polyphenols are naturally-occurring compounds found in plants, including flavonoids and phenolic acid, that benefit the human body and help fight disease.

Natural ingredients: The polyphenols in beer can reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, blocked arteries and heart disease, which also protecting cognitive function

When ingested, they can help to reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, and heart disease, while also protecting cognitive function.

Drinking beer can also lead to greater levels of high-density lipoprotein – AKA good cholesterol. This helps to thin the blood and remove plaque in the arteries.

However, there’s a snag: these benefits are only enjoyed when beer is consumed in moderation, not in vast quantities.


According to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, it’s safest not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis.

This equates to:

– Six x 175ml glasses of wine

– Six pints of larger

– Five pints of cider

– Fourteen 25ml glasses of spirits


According to the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, drinkers should not consume more than fourteen units per week on a regular basis. This equates to six 175ml glasses of wine, six pints of larger, five pints of cider or fourteen 25ml glasses of spirits.

Exceeding this could result in liver damage, heart disease and weight gain.

‘Spread your drinking over three or more days if you regularly drink as much as 14 units a week. Ideally, the health limit is up to one pint for men and half a pint for women per day,’ Yip adds.

Meanwhile, in other beer news, a pair of entrepreneurial mothers have given new meaning to the phrase ‘nursing a hangover’ by marketing a brand of beer especially toward nursing moms — and Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan.

Au Liquid Gold — so named because breast milk is often referred to as liquid gold — is an oatmeal stout created for women who’d like to kick back with a cold one while breastfeeding.

The brand cites lactation experts who recommend drinking beer to increase milk production while nursing, and says this particular brew is packed with ingredients that will boost mom’s flow.

Naturally, the beer has hops, which the company says not only increases milk production but can also treat dry and cracked skin and work as an anti-inflammatory.

It’s made with oatmeal, which is said to be good for milk production, and can also help with inflammation.

Other purported milk-boosting ingredients include fenugreek and red raspberry leaf, and they added other ingredients with health benefits like coconut milk and coriander seed.