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International Beer Day 2018: Try These Easy-to-make Beer Cocktails At Home

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This International Beer Day, add a tinge of beer to your cocktail and feel light-headed. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Some people refrain from drinking beer, but there are many others who swear by it. While there are several varieties one can choose from, of late, several microbreweries have opened up — turning beer-making into a legitimate career option. It is no wonder then that August 3 is celebrated as International Beer Day.

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That’s not all, if consumed in moderate amounts, beer can be good for your health too. Some health studies say that beer contains more protein and vitamin B than wine. It is not only high in antioxidants, but it also reduces the rate of cardiovascular diseases. So, why not open a beer bottle to celebrate the day? If you are at home and want to spice up your favourite drink by whipping up a cocktail and mixing it up with other ingredients, we have your back.

Try these cool cocktails with a tinge of beer, and feel light-headed:

Monkey Shoulder Ginger Brewsky

(Recipe developed by Monkey Shoulder Global BA team)

Try Ginger Brewsky and savour its delicious flavour.


25ml — Monkey shoulder20ml — Ginger syrup20ml — Fresh lemon juiceTop beer


* First, add all ingredients other than beer to your shaker.

* Shake well with ice.

* Strain into glass and top with beer.

Four Beer Cocktail

In case you are feeling ambitious and enterprising, you can try this four beer cocktail recipe. Learn how to make Vitamin C brew, Bloody beer, Aperol mist, Srirachalager in this video.

Watch the video to see.

Beer Punch

This video shows you how to make some delicious beer cocktails. While beer remains the dominant form of alcohol, one can use other drinks too.

Watch the video here.

Beer Margarita

In case you are in the mood to drink some beer margarita, all you will need is beer, tequila, and a bit of lime. Watch how to do it.

Watch the video here.

So, what are you planning to make on International Beer Day?

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