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Rise In Craft Beer Fuelling Home Brew Business


MAL West’s home brew business is booming as Queensland’s interest in craft beer continues to bubble.

The Booval business owner has moved into a new shop on Hamilton St, after outgrowing his previous premises.

It’s been three years since Ipswich Brew Co opened and during that time, Mr West’s client base has steadily grown.

Now he serves about 1000 people.

“We just got busier and busier so we needed to hold more stock and the old shop got really crowded,” Mr West said.

“Then we took over a section of the old Chinese restaurant next door but quickly outgrew that too.

“There’s two sides to the popularity – the huge savings to be had and the fact you can make a better quality product than the mass produced beer.”

Mr West opened his Booval shop after spotting a gap in the Ipswich market.

Mal West from Ipswich Brew Co. has moved to Hamilton Street across from Booval McDonalds. Rob Williams

He said the rise of craft beer had opened a new world for people, who genuinely enjoyed the variety of flavours now found in bottle shop fridges.

“The craft side of things is really growing,” Mr West said.

“Home brewing is not just about people drinking cheap booze, it’s about giving people the tools and knowledge they need to make good quality stuff. People are trying these boutique beers and realising the old XXXX or VB is not the be-all and end-all.

“The rise of craft beer has opened their eyes to the possibilities. You can literally make anything.”

It’s not just the secret to making delicious beer Mr West is selling in his shop, he sells sausages and cheese-making kits too.

“Making cheese is easier than you might think, you just need some milk and a 4 litre pot,” Mr West said.

Mal’s top brewing tips

  • Get the temperature right: 18 degrees
  • Keep it clean: you don’t want bacteria ruining the taste of your beer