Labor Day 2016: more work, less pay, less family time

Labor Day 2016 marks another year when the average U.S. worker is putting in more time on the job for less pay, and spending less leisure time with the family. White collar employees often work a 9 to7 job, for the same paycheck they received over the past several years, while also paying more out of… Read more

The ‘War On Coal’ Threatens A Sleepy Colorado Mining Town

(Craig Station, Moffat County, Colorado. Photo: Michael Sandoval) CRAIG, Colo.– Coal, from extraction to use as a generation source, forms the literal bedrock of Craig. (Welcome to Craig. Photo: Michael Sandoval) The past few years have shaken the once quiet town, as an onslaught of federal government regulations and actions by environmental activists bent on keeping… Read more

Iceland: Wild and styled under the Northern Lights

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA

If you are heading to Iceland for business or pleasure, keep these odd facts in mind. Most of the people in Iceland believe in elves. That said, it is one of the oldest democracies on the planet; police do not carry guns, and the country does not have mosquitoes. Indeed, landing in Iceland, an island nation… Read more

Ontario wineries worry cost of selling their bottles in grocery stores will be prohibitively high

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Ontario oenophiles hoping to discover small unknown vintages when wines hit grocery store shelves later this fall may be out of luck as many wineries are opting out of selling their products alongside produce. It’s not because they don’t want more retail options – most desperately do – but because the cost of stocking grocery stores… Read more